Top 5 Publishing and Marketing Posts of 2013 on

I suspect many the digital marketer has spent some time (or much time) over the past week or two wrapping up the 2013 metrics, scratching his or head about this or that trend, data nugget, etc. I am no exception and I’ve learned a lot from 2013 — along the way and, now, from looking […]

Demographics, Psychographics, Behavior: My Latest Post at DBW

As I mentioned previously, my last few posts and few more going forward will appear over on the Publishing Expert Blog at Digital Book World. The latest post is on consumer book marketing as seen through demographics, psychographics, and behavior — three things I see as absolutely critical to getting it right. Here’s the opening, […]

My Latest Posts: On the Industry Expert Blog at Digital Book World

My latest two posts have appeared exclusively at the Industry Expert Blog on the Digital Book World site. I am thankful to DBW for affording me the opportunity to reach a (mostly) new audience — one that I can say is larger than mine alone. That said, I want to be sure that readers of […]

Hype Cycles: Marketers as Coaches, Sherpas, and Therapists

In the ongoing debate of the value of “traditional publishers” in today’s digital landscape, certain activities in which publishers are engaged — very, very valuable activities — often seem to be overlooked. While the debate centers on the shift to “low cost” digital products (and the resulting move away from physical distribution and account-leverage for merchandising and […]

Some Thoughts on Amazon’s Acquisition of GoodReads

Our mentality here is to first do no harm, and make sure that if we’re going to do integrations, users genuinely find it to be a big benefit. — Russ Grandinetti, Amazon VP of Kindle Content (via PaidContent) I’ve been asked by several people what I think about Amazon’s acquisition of GoodReads. It’s funny because […]