Some Thoughts on Amazon’s Acquisition of GoodReads

Our mentality here is to first do no harm, and make sure that if we’re going to do integrations, users genuinely find it to be a big benefit. — Russ Grandinetti, Amazon VP of Kindle Content (via PaidContent) I’ve been asked by several people what I think about Amazon’s acquisition of GoodReads. It’s funny because […]

How Might a Spotify for Books Work?

In a previous post, I postulated that forces in technology and consumer behavior, as evidenced by the popularity of the music streaming service Spotify could be seen a signs of things to come for books. I then took some guesses as to which companies might try to offer this “access model” (paid or ad-supported) for […]

Who Can Pull Off Spotify for Books?

In a previous post, I offered music-streaming service Spotify’s ascendence as a signifier of a sea change in consumer media consumption habits. Millions of consumers — especially the 30-and-under demographic — are opting to access their media via ad-supported free services or paid subscriptions, as opposed to buying and downloading files to own. I suspect […]

Spotify is Revolutionizing Music Consumption — Why Books will go the Same Route

Streaming music now accounts for 89% of music “sales” in Sweden. This is not arcane. This is a very big deal. For music, yes. But for other forms of content, too — including books. Why? My thoughts… Spotify Has Begun to Eclipse iTunes Sweden is the home of Spotify, where the streaming music service first […]