Marketing Misconceptions Series on Digital Book World

Marketing MythsI’ve recently begun a series of (roughly) monthly posts on the Digital Book World Expert Publishing Blog under the rubric of “Book Marketing Myths.” Hubris? Click-bait? Well, I hope not, though I do hope the posts garner some attention and instigate some dialogue around the topics covered. As I write in the opener:

This post is the first in a monthly series dedicated to replacing common book marketing myths with practical, field-tested strategies. But before I go any further, a disclaimer: I’m surely prone to my own misconceptions myself, many of which I doubt I can even identify that way. I’d like this column to start productive conversations among book marketers in the hope of learning from each other.

The first post in the series, “Audience Research Needn’t Be Costly or Time Consuming,” is live now. I won’t be linking to each one as they roll out but you will be able to find them on my bio page on the DBW site.

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